Indiya Jananayaka Katchi party hold Dharna at Jantar Mantar to fulfill the demands & needs of farmers of state Delhi & Uttar Pradesh, under the leadership of Nepal Singh (President Kisan Wing), U.P., Dr. Sanjay Viswanathan (Organization's Secretary, North India), Bablu Vashisth (General Secretary, U.P.). The demand made by the farmer is that The Central Government announced the special subsidy scheme of Rs. 7200 crores to compensate the loss they incurred in harvesting the sugar cane & other agricultural products all over India. General Secretary Bablu Vashisth said that the young party members should support the farmer's to avail the benefit announced by the Central Government. More than 1500 farmers from all over Delhi and U.P. State were assemble and participated in the Dharna.

    Dr. Sanjay Viswanathan organization secretary appeal the public to come forward and provide full protection as well as full support to the farmers in need. Nepal Singh, Kisan Wing President said in speech that the members should work hard and put all their efforts whole heart with honor and unity to make this Dharna successful.

    Party member Rangnath Shukla delivered the vote of thanks in front of all the party members. Anil Sharma, Suresh Sharma, Babli Tyagi, Rakam Veer and Anbhazaga participated to support the farmers. The leaders and all the party members marched to the PMO office and handover the memorandum of demand to the Hon'ble Prime Minister, Government of India.
  • We shall strive hard to promote Love - Brotherhood - Integrity and take the Nation ahead on the path of growth. - Dr. Paari Vedndhar wishes all on the occasion of 'Eid al-Adha
    'Eid al - Adha' point out to the world that by following the tradition of 'sharing and universal well-being', we should sacrifice ourselves for the upliftment of humanity as a whole. Eid is an occasion to remind ourselves of the path of selfless sacrifice and forgiveness. In to-day's world where people take other lives in their self - interest, We shall remember the willingness of Ibrahim to sacrifice his son for the welfare of world. Also, let us pledge to promote Love, Universal brotherhood and Integrity and take the nation on the path of growth and development.
  • In order to secure enough rights to theTamils of Sri Lanka, separate Homeland State status should be given to Northern Province.
    Yesterday, Mr. Vigneswaran took oath as the Chief Minister of Northern Province  of Sri Lanka.   His sworning in ceremony in the presence of Mr. Rajapakse, who is considered to be the worst enemy of tamils was a little bit sad experience. But, as we know that getting the political rights of tamils  is  possible only by abiding the laws of that  land, we have to accept  all these formalities heavy heartedly.

    Though Mr. Vigneswaran took charge as the Chief Minsiter of  Northern Provice,  we cannot forget the fact that the saddle of the horse is still with Mr. Rajapakse. Land administration, Police and other vital departments of Govt. of Sri Lanka including Northern Province are still in the control of  Central Government.

    Since Sri Lankan Army is monitoring the Land administration of Tamils, Tamils face a lot of practical problems in ploughing  and cultivating their land and selling their products.  More than three thousand cases are still  pending in the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka for hearing.   All these cases had been filed by the Tamils in the court. Even after the elections  which were conducted as per democratic norms and the new Govt. has taken over  power, Sri Lankan army  is yet to be withdrawn from the areas occupied by the Tamils. Not only  the army has  been withdrawn completely, but also no order has been given to  the soldiers  to remain in their tents. Just  as  they entered into the towns and threatend the people during the wartime, even to- day the same condition  continues.

    Apart from this, everyone knows that Rajapakse is indulging in diluting the 13th amendment to the constitution.  So, as per the current  political law of Sri Lanka, Tamils cannot get any additional powers. Even  to protect whatever rights they  already have, they  have to appeal  to the World Powers, including United Nations.

    So, to get a permanent solution  to this, Northern Province of Sri Lanka should be  declared a Province  with Seperate  State Status by the Sri Lankan Parliament.   In India,  as per  Section 370 of Constitution,  Jammu-Kashmir State is maintaining a Separate State  Status. Those who do not belong to Kashmir State, cannot buy Land over there. They have no voting rights also.   
    If  Northern Province of Sri Lankla is  announced as a Province with separate Status, it would stop the Singhalese  occupying the area forcibly where the Tamil population is more and  would completely stop the Singhalese threatening the Tamils and usurping their land forcibly.

    Hence, I request  not only the political Parties in Tamil Nadu, but also the  World Bodies to urge Sri Lankan Govt.  to give  Separate State Status to Northern Province
  • For the free availability of agricultural inputs including manure, urea etc. pending manure grant should be given immediately. Dr. Pari Vendhar emphasizes the Central Govt.

    This year, the rainfall throughout India, including Tamil Nadu is around 17 percent lesser than anticipated.
    However, the rainfall was well enough  for the cultivation activities and   most of  the dams, irrigation Lakes etc. remain filled up.  As a result rabi cultivation  was really very good. In last August itself, I emphasized  the Government that it should take necessary action to make the agricultural inputs like  manure, urea, insecticide etc. freely available without any shortage. 

    I also requested the State Govt. that it should distribute  these agricultural inputs through Agricultural Co-operative Societies and also grant agricultural loans to the farmers without any delay.  Though they are available in many states freely without any restrictions,  in some Cooperative Socities, farmers have to run behind them to get the inputs.

    In the meantime,   the supply of manure  and urea to many manure shops and Agricultural Stores for sale  have reduced considerably.  It is said that the reason for this is,  the  Procurement from the manure production companies have  reduced  drastically.

    According to the quality rating company “ICRA”, during the current Financial Year of 2013-14, manure  grant expenses of Govt. would amount to 65 thousand Crore to 70 thousand crores rupees.

    It has already been  declared  during the budget announcement that manure grant  expenses of the Govt. for this year would be approximately Rs. 60 crores. At the same time, it is also said that previous year grant  of Rs. 36 thousand is still  pending.

    However, as this amount was not paid at the proper period, during the current year also, it is said that  grant amount would be pending. Also, since the grant is pending, it would affect  the income and profit margin of manure companies. Because of this,   these companies  would reduce their manufacture.

    During the current year, since the  monsoon is good, chances of agricultural production increasing are very much there.  Naturally, the demand  for manure will increase. During the current fiscal  year,the demand for  manures  like  Phosphate, Pottash and Dy Ammonium Phosphate  will  increase. According to Central  Chemical  Ministry, the grant expenses for this would be Rs. 29 thousand crore to 30 thousand crore.

    Hence,  I request the centre  to take necessary steps  to  sanction the already pending  and Current Year’s manure grant  immediately so that the next Khariff cultivation activities are not disturbed and the manure  producing  companies do not reduce their production.

  • To stop the attack on Tamil fisherman, tripartite negotiations to be held - Dr. Pari Vendhar emphasizes. - 30-09-13

    To stop the attack on Tamil fisherman, tripartite negotiations to be held - Dr. Pari Vendhar emphasizes.
    Fishing  in Bay of Bengal and Pak Strait is the main occupation of Fishermen  living in and around 10 districts along the east coast of Tamil Nadu.

    For the past 40 years,   the day  our Govt. gifted kachachatheevu  to Srilanka, the woes of Tamil Fishermen started and the attack over them continues.

    Especially, after 1983, the control  over the Tamil Elam Tigers continued. Sri Lankan Government blamed that the  Tigers escape to Tamil Nadu in small boats, Catamaran etc. and they smuggle Petrol ,  Diesel, Kerosene etc. to Sri Lanka from Tamil Nadu and started increasing the petroling on the sea. 

    As a result, they started monitoring  the tamil fishermen, who routinely were  indulging in the  fishing activitiy . At one stage, they were attacked and  imprisoned. To-day, it has become a routine affair. 

    Recently, election to the Northern province took place and tamil parties have captured power. But Sri Lankan Govt is still holding control over  the  important  ministries like Land grabing, Police  etc. Hence, Northern Province Govt. has no power to independently take decision  on anything, including Tamil fishermen.
    In this condition, there are only two ways to stop the attack on Tamil Fishermen. One is to demarcate the  maritime boundary between India and Sri Lanka.  This one is impossible.  Because, the total  maritime area between the two countries is 26 km only.  According to International  measurement, a country’s maritime  boundary is upto 14 km. If the distance between the two countries is calculated and since  rest of the area between India - Sri Lanka is very narrow, difficulty in demarcating the boundaries is still continuing.

    Second  method is , negotiation between the two countries and reaching a few agreements. Through negotiations, we can determine the practical issues including when (month) and where to do fishing, where to spread the fishing nets, how far can the machine boats and country boats be used etc.
    These negotiations should be done between the tamil and Sri Lankan  fishermen  group under the leadership of the representatives of India and Sri Lanka.  I request that on the basis of the letter written to Prime minister by Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, Selvi Jayalalitha , Central Govt.  should  decide  and make arrangements for the negotiation immediately.

  • Let the tamil's victory in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka be used as a new weapon to win Tamil's rights - Dr. Par Vendhar greets - 23-09-13

    Let the  tamil’s victory in the Northern province  of Sri Lanka be used as a new weapon to win Tamil’s rights - Dr. Par Vendhar greets.
    After 35 years, the SriL ankan Tamils, particularly those living in the Northern Province  ie. Jaffna, Kilinochchi, Vavuniya, Mullaitheevu  have  exercised  their  voting rights and fulfilled  their democratic  duties.

    This polling has taken place at a time when the current generation  has almost forgotten about the polling practices. During the election propaganda, ruling party  has threatened the tamils  indirectly. They have threatened that in case the tamils vote against Rajapakse’s party candidates, again the ethnic  violence will break out. The campaigning period and election day were marked by sporadic attacks and threats against TNA supporters, including some allegedly by uniformed army soldiers. There were  allegations  that  during the polling, army and Police  were trying to discourage  and intimidate  the tamils and supporters  in many places  and forced them to stay away from voting.

    But Tamil National Allaince  had broken all these barriers and won a historic and  whopping landslide victory. There are 7 parties in this alliance. The leaders of this alliance announced even before the election  that if they win,  retired Supreme Court justice C V Wigneswaran will be the Chief Minister. Thus by announcing their leadership in advance, they avoided  the problem of electing the chief minister after election. This shows their political maturity.

    The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) is to  form the first functioning provincial government in the northern Tamil heartland after securing74 percent  votes. Since it is a Provincial  government only, we cannot expect that it will make  any political  change or  expect that it will oppose the Central Govt. However, the win provides a platform for the TNA to campaign for an autonomous federal state, though the provincial council is largely a toothless body.

    However, this new Government can corner  Rahjapakse to give more powers to provinces through 13th amendment to the constitution. By this they can  politically pressurise  him and can  get their demands passed.

    The tamils can consider  this election result as a weapon to use to win their rights. 

    By this, Sri Lankan Govt. will not permit the ‘Tamil Elam’  demand  to rise its head again. Because, though Justice C V Wigneswaran  is the Chief Minister of Norhtern Province, Govt will appoint only a singhalese  to be the Governor . Needless to say that that he will act on the orders of Rajapakse  only. 

    So, with the minimum power they have got, they can fulfill the basic needs including agriculture, Electricity, Drinking water problem and road facilities etc.  After a tiring struggle of 30 years, the Tamils should consider  this election results as an opportunity to decide what is good for them. In a state  where the doors of democracy are open, I convey my wishes to the newly elected Tamil Democratic Alliance  who are going to  form the Government soon.